#BellyJelly: o movimento para você assumir sua barriga como ela é

A hashtag que está fazendo sucesso no Instagram propõe que as mulheres amem seus corpos, sem se preocupar com um padrão

Há muito tempo as mulheres vivem sob um regime severo que impõe a magreza como padrão de beleza. E quem está fora dele que gaste horas e horas na academia, passe vontade no restaurante ou se esconda sob roupas que não mostram as curvas. Mas, aos poucos, essa ideia está se tornando ultrapassada. Ainda bem!

Exemplos disso são movimentos cada vez mais fortes que buscam fazer com que a mulherada ame seus corpos, mesmo que a barriga esteja com dobrinhas, o bumbum flácido e os braços roliços. Em novembro, BOA FORMA mostrou que é a favor dessa ideia ao lançar a campanha #AmoMinhaBoaFoma, cuja intenção é derrubar as pressões sobre o nosso shape. E, agora, mais uma iniciativa nas redes sociais pretende empoderar as mulheres: a #BellyJelly (“Barriga de geleia”, em tradução livre).

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Criada pela Fundação Movemeant, instituição americana que visa ajudar meninas a se sentirem confortáveis com seus corpos, a hashtag tem inspirado mulheres e garotas a postarem fotos mostrando suas barrigas como ela são de verdade: com dobrinhas, celulite, estrias… “Quando você assume a sua ‘barriga de geleia’, você expõe a sua liberdade. Sua força. Quem você é”, diz a Movemeant em um vídeo sobre o movimento (a que você assiste abaixo).

No clipe e nas fotos compartilhadas no Instagram mulheres de todos os perfis revelam o abdômen real – inclusive aquelas que praticam atividade física. Confira algumas fotos a seguir e inspire-se a amar mais você mesma.

ABOUT LAST NITE. . Tapped It Back at @SoulCycle Palo Alto with @meginnylee to celebrate a beautiful soul indeed, @gofitjo. . I am beyond grateful for Jo and stumbling across Jo's fitness journey on Instagram 3 years ago. It was definitely a catalyst in bringing me to where I am today as a mother confident in my own skin (my #bellyjelly), my own voice, armed with self-love instead of self-hate and the gumption to pursue a fitness career at 36. . Happy Birthday to a badass woman who is authentic AF on IG and IRL. May this year lead you to even greater connections, creating & making even more amazing things. . Thank you @hellowiggefy @munfung.bbg @meg_ for the healthy girl date! Sorry mommy duties beckoned, keeping me from the wine! . #soulcycle #meanttomove #ownyourbellyjelly #happybirthday #ladyboss #motherhood #fitmom #womenempoweringwomen #ohheymama #socality #loveyourbody #strongnotskinny #lovemyshape #popsugarfitness #hbfit #thesweatlife #betterforit #nikewomen #bodypositive #selflove #corestrength #postbaby #thekaylamovement #bbgcommunity #bbgbayarea #yogalove #sffitness #sfblogger #teamcozy

A post shared by Kat (@intentionally_kat) on

After a long day and 3 workouts later What a fun class tonight! Loved having my favorites come shake it with me! #Newsong and they killed it! #GDFRremix #lovethatbeat #bellyjelly all the way @movemeantfound #movemeanttribe #WERK thanks to everyone who came you guys all did great! Come see me at @plifefit Monday morning 8:15-9:15, Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 or Fridays at 5:30! Next week we will have class monday and Wednesday so you have two chances to come shake it off and get rid of your stress before the family comes in for thanksgiving! #letswork #MoveFit #getfitfortheholidayzzz #personaltrainer #groupex #aquatics #loveyourbody #embraceit #imagetthoseabs but first I'm just gonna #shakeitout #danceislife #letsgo

A post shared by Danielle Dyer (@danielle_dyer) on

If there is anything this #fitnessjourney has taught me, it is self love, acceptance, patience, grace, perseverance, and empowerment. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Over the past 3 years I've seen my body go through some of the most incredible changes. I lost the baby weight I struggled to lose after having my kids, I stepped on stage to compete in a body building competition, I've had injuries and recovered from them. I've been leaner than where I am now, but I've never been happier. ✨ When I started I said that my goal is to become the healthiest and happiest version of myself in my 30s. ✨ And although there has been hardship, tears, challenges, and struggles; I am overall happy with being able to enjoy an active and well balanced healthy lifestyle. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I never was active growing up. I played in after school sports, but never understood the impact that movement can make for someone's self esteem and confidence, until now. So today I'm going to embrace my #bellyjelly 👊🏾 because although my body isn't perfect, I feel alive when I can move. That to me is the greatest accomplishment one can have in their fitness journey. 💪🏾 Head over to @movemeantfound and join me in the revolution.

A post shared by JOANNE ENCARNACION (@gofitjo) on

Yea, might need some #bellyjelly on those wounds. #surf #surfergirl #surfboard #surfsup #surfrash #surfshop

A post shared by Belly Jelly (@bellyjelly_usa) on

Five years ago TODAY was the very first #sportsbrachallenge. At the OG #soulcycle USQ, NYC studio, with the support of 60 riders, I was able to build the confidence and the will to bare my #bellyjelly for the very first time. Little did I know that my goal of overcoming my insecurity would evolve and grow into our upcoming #daretobare campaign and a #Movemeant that now impacts thousands of women and men across the country. Magic appears when we least expect it… as long as we stick to a path that's true to ourselves, continue to work our A$$ off, and push past the things that scare us most. BIG LOVE to the people who've always believed in me. #courageorbust #meanttomove #daretobarenyc #soulcycle #girlbossmoment #girlboss

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