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Hashtag incentiva mulheres a vencerem inseguranças e se amarem

Desiree Scoggin criou a #UnguardedAndUnbothered para estimular a mulherada a ficar em paz com seu shape

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Atualizado em 30 abr 2024, 17h12 - Publicado em 9 jun 2017, 13h21

Há cada vez mais mulheres dando a cara (e o corpo) a tapa nas redes sociais a fim de acabar com a ditadura da magreza e as pressões que sofremos para nos encaixar num padrão de beleza. Entre elas está Desiree Scoggin, de 22 anos, que criou recentemente a hashtag #UnguardedAndUnbothered (#DesarmadaEDespreocupada, em tradução livre), um movimento que incentiva a mulherada se despir de todas as exigências da sociedade e se amarem como elas são.

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“Muitas mulheres sofrem atualmente pensando que não são boas o bastante. Não importa se isso foi dito a elas por um namorado abusivo, marido, família, amigos, pessoas nas redes sociais… Me dói ver que elas não enxergam sua beleza”, disse Desiree, em entrevista à revista americana Shape.

No post em que lança a hashtag, a jovem relata tudo o que sempre odiou em seu corpo: olheiras, umbigo, espinhas, coxas grandes, seios pequenos, costas, sobrancelhas e até o movimento de seus olhos quando ela sorri. “EU ODIAVA A MIM”, escreveu na postagem.

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This took a lot of balls.. but this is me. 🙋🏽 Not one drop of edit. No contortion. No sucking in. No glamour shot. 100% me. 100% vulnerable. #UnguardedAndUnbothered I use to hate how I have reddish skin around my eyes. I use to hate the way my belly button looked. I hated how one eye squinted more when I smiled. I use to hate that I got acne everywhere, including my back. I use to hate that my thighs were so big. I use to hate that I didn't have boobs. I use to hate that people called me "broad" and told me I'd be a good football player (lol F off). I hated my eyebrows and how they looked so much I shaved them with a literal razor 😂😂. I USE TO HATE "ME"! Now, I love everything about myself so much I want you guys to see it and *hopefully* love me and accept me for who I am too! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ I'm not here to BS anyone, I'm not here to act like I know everything, and I'm not here to inspire purely through fitness. I'm HERE to inspire you through your life! I want to help so many people it makes me emotional just thinking about it, and typing this. I want to make a difference in this world. I WILL make a difference in this world. Take your makeup off, look at yourself in the mirror, forget about what the media tells you, and LOVE YOURSELF! Share your own beauty, I want to see it –> #UnguardedAndUnbothered. ⭐️💕💪🏽😍💋 #desbfit #desbfittraining #therealme #bereal #nomakeup #noedit #thriving #pure #realitycheck #fitnessjourney #unbothered #teamhappiness #lit #iamenough

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E foi quando ela aceitou o que via no espelho que teve a ideia de iniciar o movimento. “Estava me olhando completamente nua depois do banho. Estava ali sem maquiagem, meu cabelo não estava arrumado, sem sutiã que levanta meus seios e sentindo que não precisava me encaixar. Olhei pra mim e pensei ‘eu sou linda”, relatou Desiree à publicação.

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Ao se ‘desarmar’, ela decidiu que se mostraria sem make, poses ou filtros. E a atitude deu certo: a hashtag já conta com mais de 1300 menções. “Fiquei chocada que as pessoas tiraram tempo para se despir, independentemente de críticas, e integraram esse movimento. Essa mensagem merece ser ouvida”, afirmou.

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A seguir, confira outras mulheres que embarcaram na onda do #UnguardedAndUnbothered e inspire-se a entrar nessa também.

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#unguardedandunbothered in my Nike pros that I feel hug me in all the wrong places, but yolo I'm fit AF 😎 What is up #fitfam and happy Sunday 💙 I'm currently laying on my couch after a long day of studying, bad eating, running errands, traveling back to NYC, and making a @traderjoes run for the week. Tomorrow starts the beginning of yet another hectic week for me. I have clinical, class, and simulation this week in addition to 2 training sessions and volunteering. Then I need to travel back home once again for my almost sister's high school graduation 😳 I am busy, busy, busy. For those of you that watched my story, you are aware that I have had a very off weekend in terms of eating, health, and mentality. I have not done the best at eating nutritious food, nor have I consumed that much food at all this weekend. What I did consume was high fat and high sodium (Yes, I did eat an entire bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos 🙁). Idk what's up, but that's what my body wants when it's hungry. Do I feel bad about it? Tbh, yes. Should I? HELL NO because food is fuel and a few bad snacks and meals over the course of a few days will not lead to excessive weight gain or muscle loss. I know I talk about eating "unhealthy" food a lot, but this is a topic that is so important to me. For years I restricted certain foods and even food groups that I loved because I thought that I could not be healthy with them in my life. I became obsessed with everything I put in my mouth and missed out on so many fun opportunities and events bc they revolved around food. I was scared of calories and counting them began to rule my life. I'm here to tell you that it is OKAY to eat what you want. Pizza, pasta, ice cream, cake, beer, wine, donuts, candy, etc. etc. are wonderful and delicious. All of these foods are meant to be enjoyed (in moderation of course lol). It is okay to eat. It is okay to fuel your body. You are beautiful and you deserve food 🍕🥓🍟🍗🌮🍔🌭🍜🍘🍦🍬🍫🍿🎂

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REALITY CHECK ‼️ Let's be real, no one walks around super lean or as lean as they do in the morning. As we eat and go about our day, we may start to bloat and that morning leanest goes away. And that's okay it happens to all of us and no matter what you are still you and beautiful. Try to believe that your body should be the least interesting thing about you. Think about someone with an amazing body with an awful personality who wants to be around them. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up not put you done. #unguardedandunbothered . . . . . . . . #strongisbeautiful #strongisthenewskinny #shewhobelieves #gainingweightiscool #strengthfeed #swbchallenge #healthylifestyle #ptulaspokesmodelsearch #ptulaactive #girlswhoworkout #fituniversity #girlswholift #girlswithmuscles #lifting #training #muscles #strong #progress #strength #fitufam #fitforlife #fitchicks #fitfam #iamfitu #bodybuilding #workout #health #fitness #exercise

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• natural beauty & confidence. {me + @desb___ #unguardedandunbothered} • • effing beautifulllllllll MINT shirt. {@lastsetco} • • building a different body. {@hardfit85} • #lovelovelove #Isuckathashtags

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a little #unguardedandunbothered transformation this wonderfully rainy tuesday… love you @desb___ 💘☔️ last summer to this current summer, minus a nice end of summer tan 😢left is last summer and right is like last week 💪🏽 i put a lotta work in and the share these is so hard for me but i feel like it's so important to show the normal look, not flexing with killer lighting and back breaking poses 💁🏼 working on my best and healthiest self 💘

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