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#HipDips: mulheres se unem no Instagram em prol do amor ao corpo

Elas mostram que a gordurinha acumulada no quadril é perfeitamente normal!

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O Instagram tem se tornado um espaço importante para o empoderamento feminino. Cada vez mais mulheres mostram que é normal ter e exibir celulite, gordura localizada, flacidez e outros aspectos que foram considerados defeitos por muito tempo.

Agora, a nova hashtag que incentiva às internautas a amarem e aceitarem seu corpo é a #hipdips. O termo é usado para designar a gordura acumulada nos quadris, dando várias curvas à silhueta feminina.

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Embora seja algo que possa deixar algumas pessoas inseguras, o relevo pouco uniforme é completamente normal e muitas vezes reforçado por roupas ou calcinha apertada. “Achei que eu era a única que tinha isso! Me senti muito melhor comigo mesma depois que descobri a hashtag” escreveu a instagrammer @alexisxblankenship, mostrando a importância da participação de outras usuárias da rede:

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Mulheres com vários tipos de corpos diferentes também usaram a hashtag para quebrar o estigma da perfeição. Confira alguns cliques compartilhados na rede social:

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*Vulnerable post coming up* I've struggled with comparing myself to other women my entire life, and after starting my fitness journey it's no different. I will never have the "perfect" body according to society. But.. I'm learning to love the body I have! Big as heck quads and hip dips! That's not gonna change, might as well embrace it. ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitness #girlswholift #khfit #khfitfam #bodybuilding #legday #hipdips #girlswhosquat #liftheavy #fitspo #builtnotbought #gains #thickthighs #bodypositive #loveyourself #curves #progress #legs #workout #workoutmotivation

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Apparently #hipdips are like. A thing at the moment. I legit just accepted (as like, a child/teenager) that my hips were this shape because that's how my bones grow. It never occurred to me to think my hips were weird? Wtf is with the beauty industry making people think this isn't normal? I'm so confused!

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I wanted to be real here, because this page is about me and my journey and I don't ever want to put off that I look a certain way when I don't. 🙅🏼 yes I pose, yes I use my best angles, yes I will find good lighting, yes I'll flex. We all do, but I just want to show that this is how I look on a typical day before the gym. This is my body head on, standing straight up, not posing, this is what it would look like if you are to see me in person. This is my hair 9/10 times cause high pony is life🍍, and this is what I'm typically wear; a crop and high waisted leggings to suck it all in but show off the waist 😜 I have inner thighs, I have hip dips, I have cellulite by my booty, and more often than not I'm a sweaty hot mess🔥😅 but that's who I am and I'll embrace it❤ . Focus on loving yourself and not what others think. It'll help you tremendously to feel confident in your own skin. Do what makes YOU feel happy day in and day out. For me the gym and eating a well balanced diet makes me happy regardless of what anyone else thinks. I go to the gym, eat my food, and don't give a damn what anyone else has to say about it because that's my life and how I want to live 💁🏼 . . . #doyou #fitnessmotivation #beyou #confidence #confident #dowhatyoulove #loveyourself #loveyou #selfconfidence #embraceyourself #highpony #bare #nomakeup #thisisme #me #reality #selflove #hipdips #thickthighs #thinkslim #thickthighssavelives

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So I just found out that my "love handles" aren't love handles at all and that its 100% normal to have these hip dips…. I've struggles with overcoming this thing that I perceived to be an imperfection that stuck with me no matter how heavy or thin I am…. Lately I've been incredibly confident with how my face looks, but my body has always been a touchy thing for me. This has definitely been a positive part of my journey to always being body positive #hipdips #positive #feelgood #always #loveyourself #personaljourney #bodypositive #workonyou

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Absolutely destroyed leg day today! 💪🏼😌

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