Enfermeira “aumenta o bumbum” com exercício e dieta

É possível: depois de um acidente, uma americana recuperou a forma física e ainda transformou o seu corpo com exercícios e dieta em cerca de 7 meses

Em julho do ano passado, a enfermeira Claire Maxwell, de 28 anos, desmaiou no trabalho e quebrou seu maxilar ao cair no chão. Nas semanas seguintes, ela perdeu seis quilos por causa da dieta de líquidos forçada, já que não conseguia mastigar nada. Com 1,80 m, Claire estava pesando 51 quilos e por acreditar que “ser mais magra é sempre melhor”, ela ficou feliz com o que viu na balança, apesar de saber que estava perfeitamente saudável antes do acidente. “Sabia que deveria engordar de novo, mas não tinha razão nenhuma para fazer isso rápido”, admitiu em um de seus posts no Instagram, na legenda de uma foto.

 (Divulgação/Acervo pessoal)

“Eu achava que estava ótima, mas quando vi essa foto, pensei: ‘eu não tenho mais bumbum!”.

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I'm not someone who places a lot of emphasis on my actual weight–I think progress photos and how you feel are a much better judgment if what you're doing is working for you. The only time I use the scale is when I'm recalculating my macros. However ☝🏼 I know it can be difficult to not get hung up on a number, so I wanted to share this comparison with you guys! . Most of you probably know that last summer I fainted and fractured my jaw in 3 places. As a result, I ended up having my jaw wired shut for about 6 weeks. Between the initial fall and my surgery, my caloric intake was very low; the first 5 days lost just over 10 lbs. I remember at the time I knew I needed to gain back the weight, but I also didn't realize how weak and thin (not in a good way!) I was until looking back at these photos. . The mind is a tricky thing. I think that sometimes it's easy to get caught up on a number and make a quick judgement based on that. Sure, there are times for weight loss, I get that. But I hope that anyone who is having a difficult time with the scale can look at these two photos and see that gaining weight is not necessarily a bad thing, and that the scale should not be your main or only indicator of progress. I look at the photo on the right, and while I'm 12 lbs. heavier now I think I look 10x better. Not only that but I am at a healthy weight, I am strong, my muscles are more defined, and I feel a lot better! 〰Anyway, just something to think about 💭So, on that note, you know what they say…#gainingweightiscool 🙌🏼👊🏼 Tag someone who needs to hear this❣️

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Ainda seguindo uma dieta exclusiva de líquidos, Claire engordou pouco mais de um quilo. Seis semanas depois do acidente, Claire começou uma agressiva dieta de engorda. A dieta de carboidratos tinha 1.000 calorias a mais por dia do que Claire costumava ingerir. Em um mês, ela já havia ganhado cinco quilos e caminhava para seu antigo peso, de 59 quilos. Mas como havia machucado o pulso, Claire não podia voltar ao exercícios completamente. Então, o peso voltou, mas em forma de gordura.

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// 2 years difference // Happy Monday guys!! I wanted to post this as a friendly reminder that change TAKES TIME. Even if you don't see the changes happening, I promise you, they are!! I remember I would take progress photos every week and be like, I don't see any changes?! 🤔😤 I would get so frustrated because I would see all these other amazing transformations in what seemed like such a short period of time. Remember that we are all different and our bodies all respond to differently. But ☝🏼the one thing I can say that goes for everyone is consistency! Be consistent, work hard and the results will come. Small changes are happening everyday and those will add up to get you to where you want to be 👊🏼 . Lastly, find what works for you and makes YOU happy. This progress is a result of BBG, weights, and @paosfitworld's SSBM (link in bio). It doesn't matter what you do to get there–just work on being a better, healthier, and happier you 🤗❤️

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“Essa foi uma sensação estranha: ver meu corpo no meu peso normal, mas com uma composição diferente mexeu com a minha cabeça um pouco”, escreveu. Dois meses depois, Claire voltou aos exercícios e cortou o excesso de calorias. A proporção de gordura e massa magra mudou, mas o peso continuou o mesmo: 59 quilos.

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YouTube video now up!! Link in bio 📺 okay guys, it's finally done 🙌🏼 Don't get *too* excited as this is just an introductory video but it's a start! This first video covers how my fitness journey has evolved from when I first started working out about 2 years ago 👉🏼 until now. I cover what workouts I've done, what eating regimens I've tried, what worked for me along the way and what didn't! Future videos and vlogs will be more specific but figured this was a good starting point 〰If you watch, please comment below and/or on the video itself and let me know what you think 💭 Oh, and feel free to subscribe to my channel as well 😌 Next video is already underway though…per requests, a vlog of what I buy at the grocery store so stay tuned 🤗 Thank you guys for all your support!! ❤ . Burgundy set from @sculptique. Feel free to use code CLAIRE20 💋

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Quando o resultado começou a aparecer no espelho, Claire decidiu que queria mais músculos, especialmente no bumbum. Então, aumentou novamente a ingestão de carboidratos e começou a trabalhar mais a região dos glúteos, com 4 horas e meia de exercícios específicos toda semana. Ela fazia pontes, leg press, diferentes versões de agachamentos e afundos, exercícios com elástico, levantamento de peso além de três aulas de 45 minutos de StairMaster por semana.

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I know I've shared this before but I'm sharing it again because it seemed to resonate with a good amount of people. . On the left was a couple weeks after I had broken my jaw, and had lost over 10 lbs. initially. On the right is a week or so ago. Now, I have never been someone to fixate on my actual weight, I didn't even own a scale until last year. But, for whatever reason, seeing that lower number on the scale messed with my head a little bit. I knew I needed to gain back the weight, but I think there is this automatic association that weighing less is somehow better. Obviously this is not true but I think that has been engrained in us by society. And to be honest, I knew I needed to gain back the weight but I didn't see the hurry. I didn't think I looked unhealthy. I thought I looked fine…lean even. It wasn't until I saw this photo on the left that I remember thinking, "oh, shit…definitely do not have a butt anymore" 😂 Which yes, is funny to an extent…but ☝🏼 it's also a little scary how something can be so engrained in us (a lower number on the scale) and us embody that without even knowing it. . Even for someone who doesn't use a scale (I just weigh myself for macro adjustments), I do understand how the number on the scale can have a big impact on someone. So I just really encourage you guys to adjust your goals based on what you see in the mirror and how you are feeling about your body (if that makes sense). Yes, the number on the scale CAN be an indicator of progress, but it is NOT the only indicator. I look at these photos and on the right is someone who is healthy, happy, confident, and those are the things that I strive for. Those are what will make your progress meaningful, not the number on the damn scale 👊🏼 #screwthescale #gainingweightiscool

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Sete meses depois, Claire conseguiu transformar seu bumbum, bem a tempo para o casamento, que está chegando. “Um número menor na balança não é, necessariamente, um indicador de maior saúde, confiança, nem beleza”, escreveu.

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